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  • Ah-maze-ing. You seriously need to try this place out if you haven't been before.  Nestled away in the heart of Westwood Plateau Village, it is a hidden gem.  Their wings are unreal.  So fresh, tasty, crispy, moist, saucy -- everything you are looking for in a wing!

    Ashley S.
    Ashley S. Coquitlam

Our Delicious Chicken Wings

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Our chicken wing recipe has been created and carefully perfected, batch by batch. It has taken years to reach what we feel are the best chicken wings that you will ever try.

Once we had the right formula for making our wings crisp and moist, we started to work on our sauces. Of course we started on our hot sauce which comes in 5 different levels of heat. From our sweet & tangy mild sauce to our specially made “Atomic Bomb Hot” sauce.

If you are looking for something other than hot wings, try our delicious honey garlic & tropical sauce. Or one of our special dry rubs like cajun or lemon pepper.

Hours – Pickup & Delivery

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Monday to Thursday

3pm – 10pm

Friday and Saturday

2pm – 10:30pm


4pm – 10:00pm

Chicken Wing Combos

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Combo #1: 2lb wings, 2 large wedges, veggies & dip


Combo#2: 3lb wings, 2 large wedges, 5 garlic bread sticks, veggies & dip


Combo#3: 3lb wings, 2 large wedges, large salad, veggies & dip


Combo #4: 3 lb wings, 2 large wedges, caesar salad, veggies & dip


Combo #5: 5lb wings, 2 large wedges, 1 large salad, veggies & dip


Combo#6: 1.5lb wings, large wedges, large salad,veggies & dip


Combo#7: 1.5lb wings, large wedges, veggies & dip


Our Wing Sauces

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Atomic Hot

Honey Garlic


* Atomic Bomb Hot – Special Order

Dry Rub

Lemon Pepper

Dry Cajun

Garlic Pepper

Salt & Pepper

Montreal Style

Large Salad – choose from Macaroni, Potato or Creamy Coleslaw

1, 1.5 & 2lb wings – choose 1 sauce

3 & 5lb wings – choose 2 sauces

Order Delicious Chicken Wings

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(604) 474-1466

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Unit #08 – 1410 Parkway Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC V3E 3E6